The Perseus Dictionary, Part I

One of my favorite episodes of Black Adder is “Ink and Incapability”. The plot is this: Samuel Johnson is soliciting patronage from Prince George for his new book, the first ever English dictionary. But due to Black Adder’s petty jealousy, Johnson’s dictionary is instead burned through a hilarous turn of... [Read More]
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R Taboos

In Freud’s tripartite model of the psyche, the superego represents the internalization of parental and societal values. Should I consider an immoral act, my superego will reflexively flood me with guilt. Thus is our behavior and neuroses explained. [Read More]
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How'd they do that? Part I: Console Histograms

This is the first post in a new series I’m calling How’d they do that? Motivated by professional curiosity and personal jealousy, I will identify, expose, and interpret stumble through the secrets hidden within my fellow #rstats enthusiasts’ repos. The exposition will not be exhaustive; curiosity is a fickle thing,... [Read More]
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'And the winner is...' Text Mining Award Nominations

I recently had the privilege of reviewing internal award nominations. In a secret duel of persuasion, hundreds of employees seized the opportunity to outboast their colleagues in boasting about their colleagues. Letterhead was prepared, anecdotes collected, and thesaureses consulted.1 I’m told the plural of “thesaurus” can also be “thesauri”. ↩ [Read More]
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