rcanvas + the tidyverse

rcanvas continues to grow. Thanks to the recent contributions from Chris Hua, getting user groups, announcements, and discussions from your institution’s Canvas instance has never been easier. More collaborators are welcome! [Read More]
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Exploring the Perseus Digital Library with R

For those miserable fortunate enough to study classical literature, the Perseus Digital Library (PDL) is an invaluable resource. In brief, PDL is a collection of Greek and Latin texts (among others), although it also functions as a lexicon similar to non-digital resources like BDAG. I often used the site to... [Read More]
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'We the People' + ImageMagick

Yesterday I dipped my toes in the now raging currents of American activism. Alongside millions of men, women, and children, we rallied to the #WomensMarch, a full-throated, univocal rejection of Donald Trump and his ilk. [Read More]
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Reshaping Data: R vs. SPSS at CAIR 2016

One of the highlights of CAIR 2016 was Data Mining to Identify Grading Practices, a splendid presentation by Kelly Wahl and Nida Rinthapol of UCLA. But besides the quality of the slides, the eloquence of the speakers, and the application of machine learning, I confess I was most intrigued by... [Read More]
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Joining a List of Data Frames with purrr::reduce()

I’ve been encountering lists of data frames both at work and at play. Most of the time, I need only bind them together with dplyr::bind_rows() or purrr::map_df(). But recently I’ve needed to join them by a shared key. This operation is more complex. In fact, I admitted defeat earlier this... [Read More]
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