Elected Official Lookup with R, rcicero

Chances are that you now hate politics. “E-mails” makes you perspire, and every Halloween pumpkin bore an eerie resemblance to the Republican nominee. So why not channel that hate into something productive, like building interactive web applications and/or learning more about your elected officials? In other words, why not make... [Read More]

Building a Library Catalog with R, Part I

I have a habit of boasting about R’s innumerable merits. One day, I was celebrating the arrival of a particular R package when my wife stopped and asked me why–if R was so great–can’t it build her an online catalog for her library? I accepted the challenge without hesitation, being... [Read More]

Calculate Ethnic Diversity Index (EDI) with R

How diverse is your student body? A tour through some classrooms may give you some idea. But how diverse is your student body in relation to the school across town? To answer that question, you need a more precise measure. Enter Ethnic Diversity Index (EDI), a reflection of how evenly... [Read More]
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US Senator Tweets, Part III

At long last we come to the end of this series. I confess that I lost interest when–spoiler alert–there was nothing exciting to report here. But for the sake of symmetry, here in Part III we’ll delve into the tweets themselves with the awesome tidytext package. [Read More]

US Senator Tweets, Part I

I spent the majority of the most recent presidential debate thinking of a fun #rstats project. I had three objectives for the post: (1) that it be fun to do; (2) that it showcase some functionality of rcicero or rcanvas; and (3) that it be interesting to the public. The... [Read More]