'We the People' + ImageMagick

Yesterday I dipped my toes in the now raging currents of American activism. Alongside millions of men, women, and children, we rallied to the #WomensMarch, a full-throated, univocal rejection of Donald Trump and his ilk. [Read More]
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Reshaping Data: R vs. SPSS at CAIR 2016

One of the highlights of CAIR 2016 was Data Mining to Identify Grading Practices, a splendid presentation by Kelly Wahl and Nida Rinthapol of UCLA. But besides the quality of the slides, the eloquence of the speakers, and the application of machine learning, I confess I was most intrigued by... [Read More]
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Joining a List of Data Frames with purrr::reduce()

I’ve been encountering lists of data frames both at work and at play. Most of the time, I need only bind them together with dplyr::bind_rows() or purrr::map_df(). But recently I’ve needed to join them by a shared key. This operation is more complex. In fact, I admitted defeat earlier this... [Read More]
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CAIR 2016 Recap

Last week I had the good fortune of attending my first CAIR–no, not the Council on American-Islamic Relations, but the California Association for Institutional Research. Over 300 administrators, analysts, and data nerds decended upon the Millenium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles to network, share tips and tricks, and even watch... [Read More]
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Elected Official Lookup with R, rcicero

Chances are that you now hate politics. “E-mails” makes you perspire, and every Halloween pumpkin bore an eerie resemblance to the Republican nominee. So why not channel that hate into something productive, like building interactive web applications and/or learning more about your elected officials? In other words, why not make... [Read More]