d3.tip: Tooltips for d3.js visualizations

API Docs

See the API Documentation

Download Latest Version

Install with NPM

npm install d3-tip

Quick Usage

/* Initialize tooltip */
tip = d3.tip().attr('class', 'd3-tip').html(function(d) { return d; });

/* Invoke the tip in the context of your visualization */

  .attr('width', function() { return x.rangeBand() })
  .attr('height', function(d) { return h - y(d) })
  .attr('y', function(d) { return y(d) })
  .attr('x', function(d, i) { return x(i) })
  .on('mouseover', tip.show)
  .on('mouseout', tip.hide)

If you want basic styling, you can include example-styles.css using a service like rawgithub.com.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="//rawgithub.com/Caged/d3-tip/master/examples/example-styles.css">