API Clients

  • rcanvas - R Client for your Canvas LMS. Get student data, copy courses, grade students, etc.

  • rperseus - Texts from the ancient world and a toolkit to unpack them. rOpenSci reviewed.

  • rEvalKit - R Client for the EvaluationKit REST API.

Data Visualization

  • compareBars - Simplify comparative bar charts in R with d3.js.

  • countem - Sit back, relax, and enjoy the bar charts.

  • clockwork - Create radial line charts with d3.js.

  • d3rain - ‘Raindrop’ visualizations in R with d3.js.

  • pinpoint - Interactively explore a distribution with d3.js.

Data Manipulation

  • barah - Fashion order out of chaos. Just an Rcpp experiment.

  • hacksaw - Extra tidyverse-like functionality.

  • kapow - Detonate R objects and assign the remains to an environment of your choice.

RStudio Addins

  • ViewPipeSteps - Generate View() tabs for each step in a pipe chain.

  • compareAreas - Compare areas across square meters, kilometers, feet, miles, and acres.


  • quickglobe - Interactive 3D globe built with d3.js.

  • freshAirAppFinder - Find closest route to a location under an AQI threshold. Shiny app bundled inside a package using GitHub Actions.

  • Expected Accidents - Identifying Hazardous Intersections in San Francisco with ArcGIS Pro, Python, and R.

  • RentSuitability - ArcGIS Python Toolbox