Reproducing a Mike Bostock d3.js Specialty with ggplot2

Mike Bostock is the Pontifex Maximus of data visualization. As a d3.js novice, I spend hours each week poring over his creations over at Observable HQ, a brilliant new medium to share compelling data visualizations and quantitative analysis. And because, as they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery,... [Read More]
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Career Tracks at UC Part I: Cleaning and Tidying

In 2017 the University of California launched Career Tracks, a job classification system for staff not represented by a union. The goal was threefold: (1) to give employees better-defined career paths; (2) to better-align university compensation with the market; and (3) to better-reflect primary job responsibilities for each employee. Additionally,... [Read More]
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The Data Analyst as Wanderer: Pre-Exploratory Data Analysis with R

This post is about pre-exploratory data analysis. Namely, answering questions about the data at two junctures: before you know anything about the data and when you know only very little about the data. There are roughly three overlapping questions to ask: What is this? What’s in this? What can I... [Read More]
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Simple Probability Trees in R

This may surprise you, but there isn’t an easy, “canonical” method to construct simple probability trees in R. Google uncovers some hacky attempts from years past, but it obviously hasn’t been a pressing issue or priority in the community. The reason for this, I think, is threefold: (1) probability trees... [Read More]
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