Reproducing a Mike Bostock d3.js Specialty with ggplot2

Mike Bostock is the Pontifex Maximus of data visualization. As a d3.js novice, I spend hours each week poring over his creations over at Observable HQ, a brilliant new medium to share compelling data visualizations and quantitative analysis. And because, as they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery,... [Read More]
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Career Tracks at UC Part I: Cleaning and Tidying

In 2017 the University of California launched Career Tracks, a job classification system for staff not represented by a union. The goal was threefold: (1) to give employees better-defined career paths; (2) to better-align university compensation with the market; and (3) to better-reflect primary job responsibilities for each employee. Additionally,... [Read More]
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The Data Analyst as Wanderer: Pre-Exploratory Data Analysis with R

This post is about pre-exploratory data analysis. Namely, answering questions about the data at two junctures: before you know anything about the data and when you know only very little about the data. There are roughly three overlapping questions to ask: What is this? What’s in this? What can I... [Read More]
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